I know there is a lot of anger out there today. I am sad for that. It is just politics and changes continually, when we make it personal, we hurt ourselves. It is like taking POSION and expecting the other person to die. We have to be united , But that is not what other countries want us to do…Divide and conquer., that has won wars for centuries. 
But when we start eating away at our foundation the house will fall. We have been divided enough, it is time to unite. We all have differences and we should be proud of those differences, Neither one of the candidates are crystal clean. They both have their dirty laundry, but it is our laundry  that we need to pay attention to.
We need to support outside sources that lean towards our individual  beliefs, and try to make a difference in our world the best we can.
Politics change every four or eight years, and that arm of government is much too corrupt and too large for us to change. But what we can do it change the way we look at ourselves and at other things. Then we can go down a path that will assist in changing other things.
I am seeing where this political year people are actually letting their opinions/choices come between families and friends, Really, for what, for something we have not the control over we think we do. We lose our friendships and our families who have stood by us for our lives, over a source that is so powerful, corrupt and wealthy worldwide, and we really don’t have control over. Really? 
Think about it tonight, think about how you react, think about the very thing we stand for “Freedom of Choice”. That is an inate right, for each of us no matter how we choose. That’s America,……. Let’s honor everyone as they make their choices.  Everyone has the right to do so, whether we agree with it or not.  If you take that away we are no longer a country of Freedom, and I don’t know about you but I am not willing to give up my freedom.  Not because of pride.

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