It’s your book, and yours alone

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Sandra Logan


Hello, and good morning. It is so nice to be back.  I had a set back and was unable to write for a month or so.  But am back with great vigor.  It is election time, and it doesn’t matter what your beliefs are, what matters is that you believe in them enough to stand up for them.  We all have opinions, and sometimes think ours is the only right one.  But that is our right since we are human beings. When we took over this human body and our soul entered into  an agreement with it.  We agreed to experience all that our body wished to do. We agreed to have the “Human Experience”.  We agreed to stay in it as long as we were supposed to, to do what we were brought here to do.

All of us have different agreements.  It is like God gave our soul a book when it arrived and said this is your book. It is completely written, and no one has the right to edit it or change it.  They are only allowed to read it.  The ending will never change, it will never be rewritten.  It will always be your story and yours alone.

So each of us handles our stories the way we have to , not the way others think we should.  For unless they have read your book, they have no idea how it will end.  They have no idea where it will take you, or what the last page says.

So again, it doesn’t matter what you believe, what matters is that you believe it enough to stand behind it, and to go to bat for it.


Sandra Logan

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