Booking & Paying


If Payment isn’t paid at the time of booking the appointment will be automatically cancelled.

**Read Everything Before Doing Anything**


    All Reading Are Done On Central Time.
    Reading: Over The Phone, FaceTime or WhatsAp


If You Don’t Use The Total Minutes You Pay For There Is No Refund. You Can Carry It Over As A Credit For A Future Reading

  • You will be given the following form at the beginning of your appointment so please review it prior to coming for your reading. Client Agreement – Must Read

Your Name:
If you pay under a Different Name than you use to schedule, ie credit card in a different name, you MUST let Sandra know in a note when your pay. We don’t have a system that will automatically match those two together, and we will not run it down. Your appointment will be Cancelled if YOU DO NOT do this.

You MUST send a copy of your payment receipt to 713-376-6536 via text or email it to This will prevent cancellation. If We don’t receive the copy of payment receipt, the appointment will be cancelled within 24 hrs of booking. You will also need to let Sandra know you need the address if you have booked an in-person reading.

Fees are non-refundable but can be transferred or rescheduled as long as they are cancelled within 48 hrs of appointment.

DO NOT call until the EXACT time of your appointment as Sandra does not interrupt existing readings to answer the phone. Reading Are Done Over The Phone, FaceTime or WhatsAp



To book a reading you will need to go over to Sandra’s Genbook, select  your time and date. To make the payment after you schedule a reading, if you haven’t already. You must come back to this page to make your payment.  CLICK HERE

Waiting-List: To Be Notified of Cancellation Availability  CLICK HERE




1. Pick The Reading You Want. By Clicking ADD TO CART.
2. A new tab will open on your Computer. That new tab is the purchase window. You can pay with paypal or credit card.
3. Make sure you add on the Additional Payment that needs to be added as well.

*Telephone Reading – Psychic In Person Reading – Medium Reading*

Appointment Address Will Show Up On Your Appointment Confirmation You Receive From Genbook, Please Make Note Of It As That Is The Only Time You Will Receive it.

30 minute Telephone (1 Person) – $85.00 (Actual reading time 25 minutes) 

1 Hour Telephone  (1 Person) – $160.00 (Actual reading time 50 minutes)

1 Hour Medium Reading (1 Person) – $175.00 *Extra person attends a medium reading there will be an additional $75.00 for each additional person*

2 Hour Medium Group Reading (Minimum 7 People Maximum 10 People) $700 *If Traveling More Than 10 Miles From My Address There Is A $50 Fee* NON-Refundable deposit of $100 will be deducted from the total of $700

*Emergency Reading*
Any Reading Done After 5:30pm or on Weekends. Text 713-376-6536 with time/date of Emergency Reading

Emergency Reading 30 minute Telephone (1 Person Only) – $160.00 *Extra person attends a medium reading there will be an additional $75.00 for each additional person* 

Emergency Reading 1 Hour Telephone(1 Person ONLY) – $220.00 *Extra person attends a medium reading there will be an additional $75.00 for each additional person* 

Additional Payment (If a additional payment needs to be add, make sure you add it to your cart.)

$50.00 Additional Feds

$55.00 Additional Feds 

$75.00 Additional Feds

*NEW* 2 Hour Medium Group Reading (Minimum 7 People Maximum 10 People) Click HERE


Medium Reading: In a Medium reading when there are more than two people it will be considered a group charge and will be more depending on the amount of people. Medium readings are done only in 1 hour increments. They are not combined with Psychic Readings. This is due to the fact that they take more time to converse with the other side.

Group Parties: Are quoted on an individual basis, depending on the location and amount of time spent. If you would like to book a Group Parties. Contact Sandra by E-Mail:

Cancellation Policy: Reading are Non-Refundable. You can reschedule your reading up to 3 times. If circumstances do not allow you to reschedule, please be advised I do not offer a credit. You have the option to transfer the reading to another person. Please note that if you are a “NO-SHOWS” your appointment cannot be rescheduled or transferred and will not be refunded.

Confidentiality: Information disclosed during reading sessions is strictly confidential and will not be shared with third parties. Sandra Logan respects the privacy of her clients. Your name and e-mail address will never be divulged to third parties. Data collected via this website where provided voluntarily (i.e. names and e-mail addresses will only be used to keep visitors informed of additions, new features or changes to the website. Should you no longer wish to receive written material from this website your contact information will be removed from my database upon written request.

DISCLAIMER: I do not assume responsibility for what you choose to do with your life, you have free will to make those decisions, all I can do is tell you what I see if you go down a particular road, or choose not to. Please know information any psychic gives you is for the moment, your free will choices can change everything. Psychic readings are references only, not a precise, prediction of your life. The responsibility of your life is yours, and we only give road maps, as such, to help direct you. You cannot obsess about a reading, nor can you make it an exact science, as it is not. There are many variables that come into a reading, and you can change things by those variables. If you are comfortable with this, then please make an appointment on this website. I do not schedule appointments personally, everything is done under Genbook. People often ask me when they should come to see me or how often? My response is always the same, there is no set time, you will know when you need to come, and that may be in a week, or a month, or a year, but you will just know.

Terms & Conditions Payment: Payment is due prior to the reading, I only accept payments through PayPal. PayPal accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Check cards or debit cards with either a Visa or MasterCard logo are also accepted.